Digital Onboarding

Most Efficient Customers Onboarding / Comprehensive onboarding solution

  • Facilitates onboarding process for financial institutes.
  • Provides financial institutes with a capability to sign up customers in the most efficient way
  • Captures customer data, verifies customer documents, runs that data through a KYC/AML check and creates customer accounts
  • Works in offline mode which gives financial institutes an edge over others to onboard customers in remote areas with no internet connectivity
  • Quick adaption to market and regulatory changes

Supports both online and offline mode
Supports both Self & Assisted registration
Sourcing & Verification life cycle management
Multi-Channel Support for both mobile & web interface
Geo-Tagging of application Quick adaption to market and regulatory changes

Digital Payment Solution for One & All

1. Innovative Payment Solution

  • Off the shelf payment product with highest standard in security
  • State of the art digital Wallet Platform allows customers to make payments using their smart phones instead of using cash or even cards
  • Enable multiple use cases e.g. Loan repayments, collection in MFIs
  • Seamless integration with any third party

Fund Transfer
Top Up & Utility Payments
Rewards & Offers
MIS & Analytics

2. Offline Digital Payment Solution

  • World’s first secure Offline digital payment solution for a cashless society
  • It makes use of PaySe smart card and PaySe device to facilitate transactions in offline mode
  • PaySe smart card is a secured and NFC enabled credit sized card used for making payments
  • PaySe device is used to accept payment and stores e-cash in offline mode
  • Offline digital payment solution works without any bank account
  • Offline digital payment solution is very effective for financial institutes working in remote & rural areas for the purpose of loan disbursement & collection where customers don’t have smartphones or internet connectivity

Offline Payments
Intuitive Interface
Minimal Digital Literacy required
Secure /Anti -Theft
MIS & Analytics

Digital Loan Management Solution

Digital Loan Management Solution

  • Digital Loan Management Solution enables financial institutions to approve the loan requests from digitally on-boarded customers, digitally disburse the amount to approved customers and digitally collect the repayment from the rural customers.
  • It allows financial institution to digitize and automate the end-to-end business processes for achieving cost savings and enhanced customer experience.
  • Digital Charts of Account enable our partners to gain more insights into the transactions taking place in field. It helps in measuring the effectiveness of financial inclusion & generation of livelihood opportunities.

Loan Onboarding
Accounting Engine
Repayment Engine
Rule / Scoring Engine
Charts of Accounts
MIS & Analytics

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