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A Solution that brings together Advantages of Cash with Convenience of Card


PaySe™ is created with an aim to democratize digital money. Just as we store physical cash in a wallet, to securely store digital cash, PaySe created an electronic wallet; a ‘mobile to carry cash’ called the PaySe device.


PaySe addresses the access challenges faced by banks & financial institutions when making basic banking services accessible to the unbanked in upcountry & remote geographies. With PaySe any smart phone turns into an ATM.


PaySe Processing Platform, a payment acceptance device and card are the 3 key components of the solution.


PaySe enables banking access to millions of global citizens. Each PaySe card or device has an associated bank account number which can receive remittances or direct benefit transfer from the government.


The holder is able to use a smartphone as an ATM and withdraw the digital cash without having to leave their village and given the fungibility with physical cash this digital cash can be easily converted to physical cash.

PaySe’s plays significant role in loan payment recollection:
  • Making payment collection totally cashless
  • Eliminating risk of mugging or theft for cash in transit
  • Eliminating counterfeit notes
  • Put an end to manual accounting or reporting
  • Reducing overall cost of cash and save time
  • Instant deposit to banking system reduces cash conversion cycle
  • Increase in productivity

– More time in hand of executive to serve more customer
• To get new groups and in turn increase in revenue

– More customer per executive because of more time and no limit
on amount of collection per FE

2. Digital Village Ecosystem
PaySe Benefits Village Economy:
  • Creating cashless villages
  • Enabling digital transaction
  • Promoting micro-savings
  • Bringing traceability in disbursement of Govt. grants, micro-pensions etc.
  • Significantly reducing cost of cash collection and disbursement – saving time
  • Eliminating risk of cash loss in transit
  • Reducing pilferage
  • Eliminating manual accounting or reporting
  • Eliminating chances of counterfeit notes
  • No physical banking infrastructure required
Income sources digitized (in rural & semi-urban areas)
  • Factories
  • MFI/FIs
Spending avenues digitized (in rural & semi-urban areas)
  • Retail merchants
  • Seeds & fertilizers
  • Farm equipment
  • Loan Repayments
3. Educational Campus
Activities made easier with PaySe:
  • Collection of fees, fines and other cash payments
    (Exam fee, library fines, lab issuances, parking charges, transportation)
  • Control & Reconciliation issues related to cash
    (Detection of leakages in ecosystem; proper MIS on amounts received)
  • No requirement of manual intervention & control at all stages
    Digitized collection, storage, reconciliation, verification & deposit
  • Cost of handling cash reduced
    No requirement of change; visiting bank for deposit
  • Restrictions due to bank / counter timing
    Convenient in case of bank counter hours; evening students
Digitally Enabled Campus:
Cashless payments of fees, fines and other paymentsSingle card enabling identification, attendance, access control and Payse automates all manual administrative processes
How Secure is PaySe?

PaySe device uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol for secure transactions. Each device is provisioned with its own set of cryptographic keys in order to distribute the risk in case of a compromise. Not only that, the device also uses a specialized tamper resistant security chip to store information.


The sensitive user data are securely personalized over the Internet and stored in the device with a change control for data integrity. All the data in-transit are encrypted and secured by the unique device keys to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the transaction data. The transaction history is stored on each device and brief log is used to record failed transactions for tracking purpose

Success of PaySe revolves around 3 key benefits to its partners – Save Cost, Save Time and Save life.
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