PaySe driving financial inclusion in India

Last Mile Reach - Reaching the bottom of India’s Digital Pyramid

Upliftment of rural people & empowering women through digitization

  • PaySe™, payment solution initiative of Nucleus Software is an offline and online digital cash solution designed to democratize money and move towards a cashless society at all levels. PaySe focuses on providing credit power to the financially excluded people across the hinterlands of the country.
  • There are various benefits of financial inclusion and government has taken many initiative to push financial inclusion in India, but still there are many challenges associated with it like
    • Low literacy rates
    • Lack of infrastructure
    • Dormant accounts
    • Inadequate awareness etc.
  • PaySe acts as a financial inclusion enabler & addresses the access challenges faced by banks & financial institutions when making basic banking services accessible to the unbanked in upcountry & remote geographies.

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