Interoperability is the buzzword today not only in telecom operator’s domain but also in financial domain (read UPI initiative from NPCI) where there are plethora of mobile payment services         .


In context of bank/financial institutions it refers to transfer of funds from one bank account to another where sender has to register recipient’s bank account in order to transfer required amount.

In context of mobile money it refers to ability to transfer funds across different mobile money schemes.

Pre-conditions for all of the above are inter connectivity of banks or mobile money services, network connectivity and most important sender knowing the recipient’s a/c number and other details beforehand.



  1. Intermittent network connectivity
  2. Charges levied on A2A payments
  3. Hassles of adding account detail (register beneficiary) even for onetime payment / transfer


PaySe™ customer need not know recipient /beneficiary account number, he just need to tap his PaySe™ device / card with recipients card / device and money is transferred.  Recipient can directly transfer funds to his linked bank account.

Funds are transferred from Payer to Payee without need of knowing recipients bank account details and without requirement of network or interconnectivity and above all there is no fee for these transactions.


PaySe™ world’s first secure offline peer to peer payment solution. It helps to reduce and offset the costs associated with cash by replacing physical cash notes with digital currency.

  1. PaySe maintains fungibility of cash and helps drive velocity of money while operating within regulatory environment.
  2. PaySe™ empowers a billion ATMs by leveraging the power of a smart phone and the banking infrastructure using industry standard messaging; and
  3. PaySe™ reduces the cost of cash by digitizing money